Tuesday 10 September 2013

Non-Humans First! Its just common sense!

In the past this blog as posted some unhelpful crap about how we all need to work together to exclude all that don’t agree with human rights. But we now see this was rooted in human privilege and, frankly, a lot of bollocks!

We have seen the fights over human rights issues break up a movement that is meant to be about non-human animals rights and we are fed up with this shit. These same 'human rights' enforcers in the animal rights movement, who try to ban or fight with anyone that slightly deviates from human rights ideology have no issue with taking part in human rights events full of speciesists! This makes there stance hypocritical at best, human supremacist at worse!

Does that mean human rights doesn’t matter? Of course not. But denying non-human animals allies over it isn't any sort of answer!

That’s why Animal Warfare now backs: Non-Humans First Declaration (read it in full)