Tuesday 10 September 2013

Non-Humans First! Its just common sense!

In the past this blog as posted some unhelpful crap about how we all need to work together to exclude all that don’t agree with human rights. But we now see this was rooted in human privilege and, frankly, a lot of bollocks!

We have seen the fights over human rights issues break up a movement that is meant to be about non-human animals rights and we are fed up with this shit. These same 'human rights' enforcers in the animal rights movement, who try to ban or fight with anyone that slightly deviates from human rights ideology have no issue with taking part in human rights events full of speciesists! This makes there stance hypocritical at best, human supremacist at worse!

Does that mean human rights doesn’t matter? Of course not. But denying non-human animals allies over it isn't any sort of answer!

That’s why Animal Warfare now backs: Non-Humans First Declaration (read it in full)

Sunday 29 July 2012

Old school AR tactics work, say vivisection industry!

Some USA activists have got the right idea.
An article in the Guardian about 2 activists convicted of peaceful protest and free expression reveal some interesting admissions from those inside the vivisection industry – old school animal rights tactics work! While many peoples response will be 'no shit', it is a point worth re-emphasising as the movement becomes increasingly pacifistic in the UK.

The Guardian reports that “In 1981 there were 34 companies breeding laboratory animals. Today there are just three because of activists' intimidation of staff and of companies supplying services and products to laboratories.”

This is confirmed by Andy Cunningham, a Harlan manager who admits "Part of the overall reduction in company numbers has involved consolidation of businesses, but there is no doubt that intimidation has led to the closure of many other companies,"
Replace 'intimidation' with 'robust protest' and they are totally right! The animal rights movement has the formula for success. While we must adapt to the changing legal framework we must not abandon the time tested methodology.
We must focus our energy and get back to old school animal rights. But focus on what? Professor Roger Morris, head of bioscience at King's College London gives us a clue “We are now down to our last three major breeders in the UK. We can manage with that, but if we lose another we will be in a very uncomfortable situation.”

Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Animal Liberation Movement: The Essence of The Movement

Post by guest contributor, Newcastle AR activist.

The animal liberation movement has been around for century's now. In the 80s we saw massed direct actions against the vivisection labs, boots/bricks through windows of fur companies and home demonstrations but that movement is not there any more.

So what are we left with?

We have a movement that is divided between outreach, lobbying and those that want to “Hit them head on”.

We have campaign groups like Animal Defenders International that are pressuring government and more over have managed made great strides towards getting wild animals banned in circuses.

On the other hand we have groups like The National Anti-vivisection Allience (NAVA), for example, who have managed to get many airlines to withdraw from transporting animals. We have seen other campaigners claim victory over clothes giant Flannels getting them to remove there fur.

And from the outreach side of the movement we have also seen massive vegan promoting festivals such as Vegfest that have attracted over 5 thousand people.

All these are great tactics.

We will see hundreds take to the streets Saturday 28th April 2012 for World Day for Animals in Laboratories bringing everyone together for one cause: Animal Liberation, Animal Rights!

The movement could remain divided with Outreach/Lobbying going one way and 'head on' going another but I'm going to put it to you:


In this current climate we don't have the same numbers any more.
We don’t have tens of thousands taking to the streets for animal liberation.
We don’t even have thousands any more, we are a divided movement.
We have no help from the police / the Daily “fascist” Mail and other right wing shit stirrers giving there two fingers to the animal rights movement.

So I say its time to unite!

A movement united could achieve so much that a movement divided can not!
We need people to stand up and say 'enough is enough' its time to end animal cruelty.
Huntingdon Life Sciences are still around - we got to remember that 500 animals are killed there everyday!
Oxford's labs are still open we got to remember the countless deaths they cause!
Hereford seems to have fallen off the map Sequani labs still open!
Universities still perform animal testing!

We have soo many campaigns and not enough campaigners to do it.

My Analysis

While it is essential that we promote veganism and promote animal rights I must also state that it is essential we do not become keyboard warriors. We need to take to the streets onces again we need to unite and fight for those in cages and those in death labs across the world.

NAVA were very successful at getting airlines to stop transporting animals to there deaths.
CAFT have been very successful at getting fur removed from shops.
SHAC have been successful at campaigning against HLS.

All three are good campaigns with there heart in the right place but there are divisions we need to now fight for total liberation and we need to do it quickly.

We have seen the state's might against animal rights with disgusting disproportionate sentencing being handed out. Undoubtedly its put people off doing actions but this is exactly what shouldn't  happen, once a activist goes to jail there needs to be two more to take their place. If a campaign is shut down two more should spring up in response. We are people who care about animal liberation, we care about the suffering of animals - I urge you to take to the streets once again!

I urge you to join your local animal rights campaign, put on an educational event, organise a school speaker or organise a protest in your area.

Please don’t let those who are in the cages die alone and don't let the prisoners inside our prisons for animal rights/warfare suffer alone.

For the animals ...

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Back to the Future: Re-examining Old Tactics

"It's the bloody animal rights again"
After the big crackdown and changes in legislation many tactics have fallen by the wayside. However I think it is time to re-examine old tactics and see how they can be effectively applied even within the draconian laws we have now. The movement has always been very good at pushing the boundaries and that shouldn't stop now simply because the boundaries have changed. 

A good example of recycling old tactics is the recent return to phone bloc actions. A phone bloc action is when you call a company on a specific day and complain about something e.g. their involvement in animal testing.

In the past this was a very popular tactic within the SHAC campaign, back then it was much a case of ringing the number over and over and over and over... you get the idea, so as to block their lines. Nowadays though that kind of conduct cannot be advocated publicly so the whole idea seemed to have all but disappeared. However the tactic has now recently reappeared, advocated by smaller groups and individuals and now coming with strict disclaimers urging callers to not make repetitive phone calls. What callers do do however is  totally upto them!  This is a 2011 approach to this old AR tactic.

By looking at old tactics that maybe illegal or questionable now and re-imagining them we can get back to action and kick the animal abusers ass (metaphorically speaking, oh, of course)!

It is also worth remembering that while aboveground activists like us must work within the edges of the new oppressive laws underground activists don't have to. It has always been illegal to smash a window of a fur shop, to paint strip an animal researchers car or to threaten an animal abuser at their home. These are tactics that worked and still work. I don't advocate any of these tactics  – but when people go to jail for aboveground protest you can see what motivates people to do the more effective stuff – all they have to do is avoid getting caught!

Sunday 17 April 2011

World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2011

All pics shamelessly nicked from

Matthew Orlinski

A New (Old) Militant Spirit At World Day for Lab Animals 2011!

World Day for Animals in Laboratories has long been a compliant A to B march a long way from the militant spirit displayed at the World Days of old. In the 'old days' (and I am actually only talking a few years ago) there was always a spirit of non-compliance and resistance. This spirit fed the movements energy and manifested itself in a movement that was ready for action and ready to be effective.

While resistance on an A to B march is not as effective as covert direct action it feeds an attitude that allows other resistance to take place but also is an effective tool as part of a diversity of tactics.    

This year in Manchester we began to see a return to this spirit from the young, fresh progressive faces within the movement. Although not everything attempted was successful the spirit is something we need to build on, not just at World Day but through out the movement if we are ever to return to the level of effectiveness we had prior to the SHAC trials. There are a number of groups that are pushing forward in this regard including recent SHAC actions and the campaigns against importing animals for experiments.

The first act of mild resistance on the march was an impromptu protest outside a Manchester lab building which saw marchers crossing the road away from the agreed route. While this may seem like nothing it is a mental barrier of authoritarianism being lifted slightly and moves the protest back into the control of the participant, away from authoritarian sterility.     

The second action was securing the safety and release of an activist who was attacked by security and detained by police. A reasonable sized group assisted with this and this is the minimum any activist should expect in terms of solidarity from other activists. The activist thanked everyone for their assistance at the end of the march, but there was no need at all. The only regret is that more did not assist.     

The next bit of creative, independent thinking was when a sit down protest was attempted by some activists and although this was short lived is exactly the type of autonomy we need to see.

Evidence gatherers attempted to film and photograph the sit down but were unable to do so effectively due to activists employing FITwatch tactics. After the sit down was over three activists  then continued the FITwatch action that eventually led to the removal of police evidence gatherers from the march.

There was also a protest against fur (in the middle of in all) at Armani, now that is creative thinking at its best! We should all think about how we can use A to B marches more effectively and not wait for others' instructions.

This is a significant step forward towards the non-compliant World Days of old and a move back to the days of an effective anti-authoritarian movement where the words 'there are no leaders' actually means something! Well done to all involved!

Sunday 27 March 2011

Bobby Roberts (Super Circus) Address and Phone Number Revealed

Animal Abuser Watch!

Sicko Scumbags Bobby Roberts Super Circus have just been exposed for abusing Anne the old arthritic elephant. Animal Defenders International (ADI) caught a worker on video beating Anne and hitting and abusing other animals.

The story has been all over the national press today and who knows it could even shame the Tories into actually banning wild animals in circuses (but don’t hold your breath).

The video is here but be warned it’s not nice to watch at all:

Please check the Bobby Roberts website for their schedule and organise protests at their upcoming performances! They are violent so be ready!

Name and Photo of the Groom
Nicolae Nitu, known as 'Jimmy' is the groom in question. This man is the man that allegedly beat Anne.
 (Pic nicked from Mail Online)

Bobby Roberts Address and Phone Number

Note: Bobby Roberts has voluntarily placed this address online and therefore it is in the public domain. I advise you use it for lawful purposes only (such as filing private prosecutions you may have against him, to avoid contact with him if you live near him, etc).

Bobby Roberts,
Entertainers (Business at Home) serving Peterborough area,
Brook Farm,
Hemington Road, Polebrook,
PE8 5LS.

Tel: 01832 273644.

Please carefully verify the above as its authenticity cannot be guaranteed 

UPDATE - 29/03/11

P.O. Box 12
Oundle, Peterborough PE8 5AY

Bobby Roberts Super Circus
3 Brook Farm, Hemington Road, Polebrook, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 5LS
Tel: 01832 273644


Circus Promotions Ltd
Tel: 01832 274932

A&J Bigtops Ltd
Tel: 01832 272065
 sales@ajbigtophire.com,  john@ajbigtophire.com


IRIS Software run the online tickets sales through their division, Iris Tickets.
Riding Court House
Riding Court Road
Datchet, Berkshire
Tel: +44 (0)1753 212200
Fax: +44 (0)1753 212296 

National Offices: http://www.iris.co.uk/contact_us/offices.aspx

Executive Team:

Phill Robinson (CEO) -  phill.robinson@iris.co.uk
Neal ROberts (Group CFO) -  neal.roberts@iris.co.uk
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Thursday 3 March 2011

Bold Native: The Movie: An Activist's Perspective

Bold Native Movie Review

If you haven't heard the buzz about Bold Native yet you must have been living under a rock! But just in case there is someone out there that hasn't heard about it yet here's the scoop. Bold Native is a ground breaking feature film about the brave men and women of the underground animal liberation movement known as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). This is the first professional fictionalised film regarding this subject matter and it is amazing!

The film's plot, acting and cinematic quality rival anything put out by a big budget Hollywood film company despite being produced on a shoe string. The film is powerful, deep and extraordinarily entertaining. You really don't need to have any interest in animal rights to enjoy this work of  cinematic art.  

The movie follows a wanted activist (the FBI had labelled a 'domestic terrorist') on a mission to pull off a nationwide coordinated action. His father after discovering his son is a 'terrorist' gives chase as well wanting to get to his son before the FBI does.   

The film looks at all aspects of the animal protection movement. Reformists looking to improve animal 'welfare' via lobbying, the animal liberationists who fight for the rights of animals using illegal means but never use violence against humans and even an activist that thinks violence is part of the solution.

My one criticism of the film would be the way it approached the argument regarding the use of violence. In the film an activist uses what amounts to torture and violence in a way purely to punish an animal abuser. This is clearly wrong and if that was the argument for the use of violence I doubt there would be any serious animal rights proponents of it.

The problem is that the main violence proponents within animal rights do not advocate such use of violence they advocate force to be used proportionately and only to the minimum extent necessary to stop the abuse. I think if the issue of whether violence is ever acceptable is to be taken on it should be done in a way that reflects the actual debate i.e. Is it OK to use the minimum amount of violent force necessary to actually stop abuse?          

Also the complete lack of security culture did leave me shouting at the screen and almost willing the liberationists to get caught! However that is more of a nerdy activist thing and I see why the film makers might have avoided such details to ensure the film was entertaining to the widest possible audience.   

However overall an amazing, exciting film that anyone regardless of their view on animals can enjoy. If you haven't seen it yet, no matter who you are, you must – you'll love it. Guaranteed!

To order a copy of the movie head over to http://boldnative.com/ To watch Bold Native online you can also download it from Itunes.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The SHAC Trial - Political Sentences Are Good for You

The second group of SHAC defendants have been sentenced. Once again a small group were held accountable for everything that has ever happened to Huntingdon Life Sciences and it's associates – I think others can articulate what a sham of a show trial it was. That isn't the point of this article.

My point is simple, while distressing for those involved, the fact politicised sentencing is necessary is a sign of our effectiveness. If any one thinks multi-billion pound industries and the governments they control are going to let ordinary people tell them what to do  they are deluding themselves! No matter what tactics you use if you are actually effecting them they will be trying to stop you by whatever means necessary.

It is not the nature of the tactics the state objects to it is the fact they work. It is the fact they are aimed at billionaires and their companies that pay the Lib/Lab/Con election campaign funds. It is the fact the these multinationals actually take the threat posed by SHAC seriously.   

As a movement we need to be proud of the fact that we are considered such a threat that mere involvement in a animal rights campaign can lead to sentences longer that those given to murderers! Because if we are going to win then we will have to fight them and they play nasty. It's when animal activists stop getting political sentences we need to worry!

Media Lies are Good for You!

The media is of course now full of nonsense about how every action ever done in the name of SHAC is the fault of the defendants (even if they were children at the time of these actions and many haven't even been proven). But even if the lies were true – who cares? I'm not saying I condone every one of those actions but all of them pale into insignificance when compared to puppies being punched in the face, being  poisoned in the name of sweetener, having pipes shoved down their necks and being mutilated.

Anyone that says the actions of animal activists so far have made them 'as bad' as the animal abusers are seriously twisted. I seriously don't see the equivalence.

When have you ever heard of an SHAC campaigner feeding a group of HLS workers a toxic chemical until 50% of them slowly and painfully died? When have you ever heard of a animal rights activist keeping an animal abuser in a cage and torturing them to their slow painful death? The fact is the extremists are all on one side – HLS's side!

So I say let the media do our work for us! Let them make companies think we are all 'terrorists' and therefore back down all the quicker. Let the media lies fuel the fire and move us closer to a day when all animals are free.

Now is not the time to lose heart. The battle has only just begun and they have just begun to start fighting us – things are not going to be easy. But for every last animal locked inside that hellhole there is only one single option open to us we must fight and we must win!   

Love, Light and Liberation for All. Human and Non-Human! 

For Sarah Whitehead, Nicole Vosper, Tom Harris, Jason Mullen, Nicci Tapping, Alfie Fitzpatrick all jailed for the crime of being good people!

Friday 8 October 2010

Animal Abuser Watch: Simon Fielding, 1st Call Roofing, Lancashire, Whalley near Clitheroe

The Watchdog show recently featured Mr Simon Fielding because he runs a rogue roofing business called 1st Call Roofing, where he rips off his customers and makes patronising comments to his female clients. He even proceeded to attempt to run over the TV crew when they approached him!

Anyway a couple of other facts came out in the report. Firstly the guy has a conviction for football hooliganism and secondly - and why he is on our blog - that he has a conviction for animal cruelty. He was apparently banned from keeping horses for 10 years but boasted on the programme about the number of animals he had including... you guessed it.. horses!     

Some of the more disturbing details of the abuse suffered by these animals can be found here have a look if you have the ability to read it without being physically sick! 

Anyway the guy seems like a nasty type so I decided to post details up for your information. If you have any further information about this guy please provide it.

Name: Simon Anthony Fielding
Street Address: Sunderland Street, Burnley (more details needed)
(personal details so you can avoid only)

Farm/Business Details: White Goat Farm, Whalley Banks, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Van Reg number: W343 WHD. Van Colour: Yellow

Phone: 01254 824224
Fax: 023 92258000

Monday 20 September 2010

Mary Bale Charged with Animal Cruelty

A bit of moderately good news is the 'cat bin woman' Mary Bale has now been charged with animal cruelty. Bale has been charged with causing “unnecessary suffering to a cat” as well as “of not providing the animal with a suitable environment” - you don't say!

The investigation has been carried out by a charity, the RSPCA, because clearly it is not the police's job to investigate crime. No, clearly it is a non-profit charity that is funded by donations job to investigate crimes – wouldn't want to divert tax money from defending our corporate masters, would we now?

Hell, as far as the police are concerned throwing a cat in the bin isn't even against the law! As a police spokesperson put it at the time “we have not arrested the woman because she has not committed a criminal offence.” But then again neither is it a criminal offence for man to hit a woman with a baton or kill a newspaper seller when it comes to the cops, so no wonder they are so confused about the law. Poor things!

Anyway, now all that is left is for some Magistrate or Judge to dish out some insignificant slap on the wrist and  everyone will be happy, right?! Don't you just love our justice system?