Wednesday 27 October 2010

The SHAC Trial - Political Sentences Are Good for You

The second group of SHAC defendants have been sentenced. Once again a small group were held accountable for everything that has ever happened to Huntingdon Life Sciences and it's associates – I think others can articulate what a sham of a show trial it was. That isn't the point of this article.

My point is simple, while distressing for those involved, the fact politicised sentencing is necessary is a sign of our effectiveness. If any one thinks multi-billion pound industries and the governments they control are going to let ordinary people tell them what to do  they are deluding themselves! No matter what tactics you use if you are actually effecting them they will be trying to stop you by whatever means necessary.

It is not the nature of the tactics the state objects to it is the fact they work. It is the fact they are aimed at billionaires and their companies that pay the Lib/Lab/Con election campaign funds. It is the fact the these multinationals actually take the threat posed by SHAC seriously.   

As a movement we need to be proud of the fact that we are considered such a threat that mere involvement in a animal rights campaign can lead to sentences longer that those given to murderers! Because if we are going to win then we will have to fight them and they play nasty. It's when animal activists stop getting political sentences we need to worry!

Media Lies are Good for You!

The media is of course now full of nonsense about how every action ever done in the name of SHAC is the fault of the defendants (even if they were children at the time of these actions and many haven't even been proven). But even if the lies were true – who cares? I'm not saying I condone every one of those actions but all of them pale into insignificance when compared to puppies being punched in the face, being  poisoned in the name of sweetener, having pipes shoved down their necks and being mutilated.

Anyone that says the actions of animal activists so far have made them 'as bad' as the animal abusers are seriously twisted. I seriously don't see the equivalence.

When have you ever heard of an SHAC campaigner feeding a group of HLS workers a toxic chemical until 50% of them slowly and painfully died? When have you ever heard of a animal rights activist keeping an animal abuser in a cage and torturing them to their slow painful death? The fact is the extremists are all on one side – HLS's side!

So I say let the media do our work for us! Let them make companies think we are all 'terrorists' and therefore back down all the quicker. Let the media lies fuel the fire and move us closer to a day when all animals are free.

Now is not the time to lose heart. The battle has only just begun and they have just begun to start fighting us – things are not going to be easy. But for every last animal locked inside that hellhole there is only one single option open to us we must fight and we must win!   

Love, Light and Liberation for All. Human and Non-Human! 

For Sarah Whitehead, Nicole Vosper, Tom Harris, Jason Mullen, Nicci Tapping, Alfie Fitzpatrick all jailed for the crime of being good people!

Friday 8 October 2010

Animal Abuser Watch: Simon Fielding, 1st Call Roofing, Lancashire, Whalley near Clitheroe

The Watchdog show recently featured Mr Simon Fielding because he runs a rogue roofing business called 1st Call Roofing, where he rips off his customers and makes patronising comments to his female clients. He even proceeded to attempt to run over the TV crew when they approached him!

Anyway a couple of other facts came out in the report. Firstly the guy has a conviction for football hooliganism and secondly - and why he is on our blog - that he has a conviction for animal cruelty. He was apparently banned from keeping horses for 10 years but boasted on the programme about the number of animals he had including... you guessed it.. horses!     

Some of the more disturbing details of the abuse suffered by these animals can be found here have a look if you have the ability to read it without being physically sick! 

Anyway the guy seems like a nasty type so I decided to post details up for your information. If you have any further information about this guy please provide it.

Name: Simon Anthony Fielding
Street Address: Sunderland Street, Burnley (more details needed)
(personal details so you can avoid only)

Farm/Business Details: White Goat Farm, Whalley Banks, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Van Reg number: W343 WHD. Van Colour: Yellow

Phone: 01254 824224
Fax: 023 92258000

Monday 20 September 2010

Mary Bale Charged with Animal Cruelty

A bit of moderately good news is the 'cat bin woman' Mary Bale has now been charged with animal cruelty. Bale has been charged with causing “unnecessary suffering to a cat” as well as “of not providing the animal with a suitable environment” - you don't say!

The investigation has been carried out by a charity, the RSPCA, because clearly it is not the police's job to investigate crime. No, clearly it is a non-profit charity that is funded by donations job to investigate crimes – wouldn't want to divert tax money from defending our corporate masters, would we now?

Hell, as far as the police are concerned throwing a cat in the bin isn't even against the law! As a police spokesperson put it at the time “we have not arrested the woman because she has not committed a criminal offence.” But then again neither is it a criminal offence for man to hit a woman with a baton or kill a newspaper seller when it comes to the cops, so no wonder they are so confused about the law. Poor things!

Anyway, now all that is left is for some Magistrate or Judge to dish out some insignificant slap on the wrist and  everyone will be happy, right?! Don't you just love our justice system?

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Has UK Animal Rights Lost It's Edge?

Speaking after the second wave of guilty pleas from the SHAC trials DCI Andy Robbins, of Kent Police state “Since this investigation began in 2007, there has been a sustained reduction in criminal activity linked to animal rights extremism.”

Does the DCI have a point? Has state repression effectively crushed much of the militant edge that effectively complimented the lawful protests conducted by the vast majority of us in the movement? 

I have always been a lawful activist but appreciate the work of the underground. The effectiveness of lawful activity is often directly linked to the actions of more militant forces. Something I think some of my aboveground colleagues often forget.    

While it is certainly true that since the 2007 shake up things have improved and gradually got back to 'business as usual' within the community, it would be dishonest to over look the lasting effects the trials have had. The UK animal rights movement was very much shaken by the arrests and repressive sentences and there is no getting away from that.

To some extent the police repression has worked. Rather than simply fuelling the fires of resistance as has been the case in the past, the police have succeeded in crushing some of the spirit of militancy within the UK scene.

Peaceful activists are bullied by police at demonstrations and face repeated arrests. This is not an attack on 'unlawful activists' and it's time for us moderates to realise that! The police are not combating the 'extremists' they are combating all of us. The conditions are right for militancy.

My more experienced, older friends, tell me that the UK movement goes in waves. The UK animal rights movement has always been versatile and rebellious but how far will the police be allowed to push the movement before the next wave of rebellion begins?

Thursday 26 August 2010

'Cat Bin Woman' Mary Bale: Address Revealed

I have been watching the outpouring of anger against Mary Bale who cruelly threw a live cat in a bin. For once (with some exceptions) I have been proud of the public response to an animal cruelty case!

For those that haven't heard about the incident yet (if that is even possible) here is a brief summery:

Mary Bale was caught on CCTV putting a cat into a bin. The cat was rescued by her guardians but only after 15 long hours.

Bale was found after the cats guardians released the video to social media sites such as Youtube.

When Bale was identified she asked for police protection due to a few heated facebook comments and the police obliged saying she wasn't to be arrested as she hadn't broken any laws! However later Bale was taken to a police station for questioning (I am not clear if she was under arrest or was voluntarily attending). But the police attitude was typical – generally sticking up for the abuser as usual.

Bale has disgustingly described her sick actions as a 'joke' in the media saying 'I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat'.

Media and police aside I think the public response to this has been good for once. For once an act of animal cruelty is being taken seriously. Sure there is moral schizophrenia in the public reaction to this case moaning about Bale as they bite into egg muffins – for which surplus male chicks were gassed to dead and often put live in to bin bags suffocating to death. But it is still heartening to see 'normal' people this angry about animal abuse!

For those that don't know about the egg industry watch this. At this unit in the States they don't gas chicks oh no, but they do throw them live into a high speed grinder:

We need to harness this anger and use it to end all forms of animal abuse. If people can care about a cat being put in a bin maybe there is hope for the millions of animals that are institutionally abused everyday.

Bale works at Royal Bank of Scotland:
RBS Rugby,
17 Church Street,
CV21 3PB
Tel +44 (0) 1788 543326
(Lawful contact only please)

For the safety of the animals of those that may know/live near her. I include her personal details for cross referencing only. Do not contact her in any way, this is to help you avoid the woman only. Please also verify accuracy. 
Mary Bale's Address:
Mary Bale
4 St. Michaels Rd,
(024) 7644 1875
Work E-mail:

Thursday 19 August 2010

Joan Court: An Interview with the Animal Rights Granarchist!

Never underestimate Joan Court, at first glance she could be any ordinary OAP, but this could not be further from the truth.  I interviewed Joan, a 90 year-old animal rights campaigner, about her extraordinary life and work.  Joan has gone on hunger strike; chain herself to railings, occupied the Canadian embassy and at 86 embarked on a mission to confront the illegal fishing vessels with environmental enforcement group Sea Shepherd. Today Joan Court is still active in the Cambridge animal rights scene to such an extent police documents once bizarrely said she 'was the leader of SHAC'!

Thursday 22 July 2010

US Comrade Proclaims: “Don’t ask, ‘How can I not be labeled a terrorist?’ Ask, ‘How can I be a threat?’”

Will Potter on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act from Press Action on Vimeo.

I just watched a video from our comrades in the USA. The sound is crap on this clip but well worth the strain on your eardrums. Will Potter of has hit the nail on the head with this one – it's time to stop worrying about the perceptions of our actions and get back to being a threat to the animal abuse industries.

The time for worrying and wondering have past, we have had time to get over the extraordinary  new levels of repression. We are all now required to get up and act – in whatever way we individually feel is best.  

Whatever your thing is; leafleting, marches or direct action - we must stand united as one body against the abuse. If we fight each other the animals lose.  Let's stick together, support each other and show NETCU there is no way to stop the 'animal rights nutters' in the UK!

Sunday 18 July 2010

Marmite vs. BNP – “Whoever wins, we lose”

The far-right racists of the British National Party (BNP), you may re-call, ran a rather strange party broadcast with a Marmite jar in the corner of the screen at the last election. The advert was apparently a dismal attempt at humour using the strap line - 'Love Britain, Vote BNP' which as somehow supposed to spoof Marmite's 'Either You Love It or You Hate It' slogan.

It turns out Marmite's owners the animal experimenting speciesists Unilever were very angry about this and got in the lawyers. Personally I don't see what they were moaning about I really don't see how you can further besmirch the reputation of a company already linked to cruel, pointless animal abuse for the next ingredient in their consumerist household product – but that's just me. Anyhow the up shot is that the BNP are going to have to pay Unilever a (big) undisclosed amount of cash after the racists wimped out of facing the multinational in court. 

Rumours are that the BNP could be on the brink of bankruptcy over this – which is hilarious if true – but with the serious downside that the extremists at Unilever are set to benefit. Our job now is to bring Unilever trouble themselves, this does not mean bankrupting them it just means causing them to lose more than they gain from continuing to use animal tests. Unilever are in it for the money, if it's financially more profitable to not torment little creatures they will stop, so let's make it happen.  It's time to bring down all oppression once and for all. Animal liberation!

Saturday 17 July 2010

Coventry Greyhound Track = FAIL!

Coventry dog racing track will not be re-opening after the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) refused to grant the necessary licence. It is Greyhound Action's Greyhound Remembrance Weekend in a weeks time (24th-25th July) and what better way to kick it off!

Greyhound racing is a deadly business with even those welfarist types at the RSPCA saying that at least 20 greyhounds a day from the industry 'disappear' presumed killed. In addition to this dogs are injured and killed in the races themselves. Could you remind me why they call Britain 'a nation of animal lovers' again?  

The track in Coventry (when it was still open) attracted almost weekly protests according to Greyhound Action and the campaign was very successful in persuading people to boycott the business. GBGB clearly made a smart business move on this one as the track had already when bust twice in the past (with the help of local activists) leaving a load of debt behind!

This news just shows the effectiveness of sustained campaigning against the right target. The great thing about local animal rights groups is that we can deal with local problems by consistent targeting until we win! The animal rights movement is at it's best both in terms of local and national campaigns when it clamps it's jaw shut and won't let go – consistency and determination is key. Well done to the Coventry lot, nice one! Let's bring the whole industry down now!   

If you want to help from the comfort of your armchair please contact your MP about the Racing Dog Protection Act – which could hopefully improve things.

Why it's time to start loving state repression!

Warning Contains Ranting...  

Many people have blamed certain tactics for attracting state repression. Well yes they did and it's a good thing too! The reason tactics attract repression is they are effective. If they don't work Ians Skivens' and Superintendent Pearl's bosses really are not that bothered! The fact the animal rights movement has been so heavily repressed over recent years is a badge of honour that should be worn with pride.

We all know from experience that the type of police response you get on demos varies between targets (regardless of tactics) because the state is choosing to protect the target. It has nothing to do with upholding the law – the police will routinely break the law themselves to protect these institutions.

We must understand that it is not the type of tactics used, but their effect, that creates the overall response. Fans of legalism should look at the case of the Austrian animal activists locked up because their lawful campaign was being to effective!

If the entire movement escapes repression then it escapes all victories that are a challenge to the authority of corporate interests as well! It is time we started to love state repression because as it gets worse we know we are getting closer to effecting change. The more repressive measures we face head on the closer we are to an end to the cruelty and abuse the animals face on a daily basis.

The last thing we need to do now is to become intimidated by the repression or modify our tactics in a way that does not reflect what we have seen to be successful. The movement in the UK has inspired the animal rights movement worldwide but the battle is not won, indeed it has barely begun. Other social justice movements through out history have faced imprisonment, arrest and vilification – do we really expect change without it?

Artwork pinched from Banksy's site, copyright blah, blah, blah. He writes on people's walls anyway so what would he care?

Friday 16 July 2010

Thought Criminal Mel Broughton Back In Jail!

The country is safe again as dangerous thought criminal Mel Broughton, of the terrorist group SPEAK (that hands out leaflets and hold signs against an new Oxford animal lab), is put back in jail.

Mel was convicted of conspiracy to commit arson and having an article with intent to destroy property. Mel was already imprisoned for this offence but was released pending re-trial because of the small matter of the judge misleading the jury in his case. He was clearly guilty of the offence because he owned sparklers and a battery connector and there was some inconclusive DNA evidence.

Although conviction on the grounds of the above evidence may seem dubious to the more sceptical among you – please remember that Broughton is a dangerous thought criminal!

As Detective Inspector Kevin McGuire of Thames Valley Police puts it “he [Mel Broughton] has been proven to be someone who believes direct action, in the form of planting explosives and setting fires, is acceptable.” As we know the worse form of crime is the thought crime. A thought criminal that believes these things is automatically responsible for any action he might deem acceptable. The ownership of otherwise mundane objects by a thought criminal demonstrates his intention to commit criminal acts. That's why Broghton is guilty beyond doubt.  

It is also worth remembering that Mel was such an evil thought criminal that frustrated police officers were caught on tape stating they would 'wage a dirty war' against him. As the officers said at the time there was a 'need to persecute him'. The hard work of  Thames Valley Police in waging this dirty war seems to have paid off with this dangerous thought terrorist now in jail.

This terrorist is so extreme that he was given 10 years. Even the BNP nonce that attacked his child girlfriend when she broke up with him got under 5 years – it just shows how evil Mel must be. Praise our justice system for keeping us safe from him.

Those people that support Mel should now feel very intimidated about taking action for the animals and sink into apathy, restricting activism to on-line petitions – if these extremists wish to show support for Mel that is clearly the best way to do it.

This article has been revised for publication by the Ministry of Truth in accordance with The Party's policy of Newspeak.