Thursday 26 August 2010

'Cat Bin Woman' Mary Bale: Address Revealed

I have been watching the outpouring of anger against Mary Bale who cruelly threw a live cat in a bin. For once (with some exceptions) I have been proud of the public response to an animal cruelty case!

For those that haven't heard about the incident yet (if that is even possible) here is a brief summery:

Mary Bale was caught on CCTV putting a cat into a bin. The cat was rescued by her guardians but only after 15 long hours.

Bale was found after the cats guardians released the video to social media sites such as Youtube.

When Bale was identified she asked for police protection due to a few heated facebook comments and the police obliged saying she wasn't to be arrested as she hadn't broken any laws! However later Bale was taken to a police station for questioning (I am not clear if she was under arrest or was voluntarily attending). But the police attitude was typical – generally sticking up for the abuser as usual.

Bale has disgustingly described her sick actions as a 'joke' in the media saying 'I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat'.

Media and police aside I think the public response to this has been good for once. For once an act of animal cruelty is being taken seriously. Sure there is moral schizophrenia in the public reaction to this case moaning about Bale as they bite into egg muffins – for which surplus male chicks were gassed to dead and often put live in to bin bags suffocating to death. But it is still heartening to see 'normal' people this angry about animal abuse!

For those that don't know about the egg industry watch this. At this unit in the States they don't gas chicks oh no, but they do throw them live into a high speed grinder:

We need to harness this anger and use it to end all forms of animal abuse. If people can care about a cat being put in a bin maybe there is hope for the millions of animals that are institutionally abused everyday.

Bale works at Royal Bank of Scotland:
RBS Rugby,
17 Church Street,
CV21 3PB
Tel +44 (0) 1788 543326
(Lawful contact only please)

For the safety of the animals of those that may know/live near her. I include her personal details for cross referencing only. Do not contact her in any way, this is to help you avoid the woman only. Please also verify accuracy. 
Mary Bale's Address:
Mary Bale
4 St. Michaels Rd,
(024) 7644 1875
Work E-mail:


  1. Congrats at giving her address, what a incredibly smart thing to do, with the nut jobs who want her dead because of this silly incident.

  2. Funny thing is, Anonymous, I am worried about the animals around her not her. You know seeing as she is the perpetrator in all this? Isn't that strange of me?

    For clarity though this blog in no way condones contact with Bale. The information is for avoiding the woman only.

  3. What an excellent blog! I've just come across this website, and I'm really impressed. It's so nice, and refreshing to see a well written, thoughtful and light-hearted look at the animal rights movement here in the UK. Keep up the great, and important work!

  4. Hmmm - anyone think Lewis is a plant??

    Praising yourself is pretty low. What a schmuck.

  5. "well written, thoughtful and light-hearted"

    What??? I mean, WHAT?!?

    Well written? You must be joking.

    Thoughtful? Yeh very thoughtful to put a womans address, phone number etc on a website so that she can be attacked by the animal rights movement.

    Light-hearted? Because promoting or aiding vigilanteeism is just a joke in the same way that helping Hitler commit genocide was just a bit of fun for all those people who ratted out Jews when they were hiding.

  6. At 45 years old it is reasonable to assume that Mary Bale has behaved this way before, perhaps many times in her life, and only now has been both captured on CCTV and subsequently identified.

    As such, she is surely deserving of all that is coming to her.

  7. @ Anonymous

    Lewis is not a plant. You are delusional if you think everyone agrees with you – just look at the reaction across the UK about this incident. Anonymous, you have tried to post so many comments now– don't you have anything better to do? You have had your say but clearly this is not the website for you. While I have allowed you 'free expression' (this is a private space I am not required to do this), I am not going to allow you to spam this blog with comments.

    @ Lewis

    I'm glad you like the blog. I find there is not enough about the UK AR scene in terms of commentary on the web, but quite a bit on the USA. Please feel free to subscribe to the feed and keep up to date with the blog. Please also feel free to share this on whatever AR lists and social networks you are on. Thank you.

  8. Haha - what you mean is you afraid of free speech!

    You only want to print comments that agree with you. Thats why you have censored most of my comments.

    Maybe you are ashamed of your own immoral actions in trying to get people to take vigilante action against this woman.

    You're a hypocrite and a disgrace.

  9. @ (Pro-AR) Anonymous

    I totally agree that this woman may have done things like this throughout her life both to non-humans and humans. I think there may be a significant risk to those who live near her.

    I understand your sentiments as this woman will never be punished within the legal system. But I must urge restraint. Please be careful as everything is seen as a threat these days – although your comment clearly wasn't a threat.

    Also this blog supports the general ethic within animal rights of not physically harming anyone human or non.

    @ (Anti-AR) Anonymous

    You stoop to a new low comparing the extermination of the innocent Jews in Nazi Germany who were gassed, used in cruel experiments and turned into lamp shades in their millions to identifying a woman who is guilty of trapping a cat in a bin for 15 long hours! This analogy is seriously sick.

  10. @ (Anti-AR) Anonymous
    As anyone can see you have been given a platform for your beliefs on this blog. But you post repetitively in a attempt to spam.

    I have no obligation to entertain your views on my blog - that is not how free speech works.

    Animal research labs would not allow me to post why I dislike them on their websites – would they? I wouldn't be able to go to a meat producers site and insist he publish my views about the meat trade – would I? This blog is for supporters of AR, not for you.

  11. Elaine Greenaway28 August 2010 at 15:28

    I think you are totally out of order posting her details !

  12. @ Elaine

    And I think she is totally out of order for trapping a cat in a bin for 15 hours where she could have been killed, but there you go everyone's different.

  13. how depressing that you would assume that the publication of her address with a warning not to harrass the stupid woman would be incendiary! Dont judge others by your standards...most of the people I know who are incensed by her horrible actions wouldnt dream of any reprisals against her although I accept that a minority may feel incensed enough to take the law into their own hands. However your attitude puts the right of a human wrongdoer above the rights of an innocent animal and thats a view which jars with many people like me, so as AW says, this is not the place for you. I was hoping that it was a momentary (maybe menopausal given her age) madness on her part and was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt but if she is defending her actions as AW states she has missed her opportunity to make amends in my book. That cat could have died a horrible death of thirst and starvation, so sod her personal privacy...

  14. @ pris4 Some great points there. I think if the courts actually delivered any justice towards animal abusers less people would 'take the law into their own hands'.


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