Friday 8 October 2010

Animal Abuser Watch: Simon Fielding, 1st Call Roofing, Lancashire, Whalley near Clitheroe

The Watchdog show recently featured Mr Simon Fielding because he runs a rogue roofing business called 1st Call Roofing, where he rips off his customers and makes patronising comments to his female clients. He even proceeded to attempt to run over the TV crew when they approached him!

Anyway a couple of other facts came out in the report. Firstly the guy has a conviction for football hooliganism and secondly - and why he is on our blog - that he has a conviction for animal cruelty. He was apparently banned from keeping horses for 10 years but boasted on the programme about the number of animals he had including... you guessed it.. horses!     

Some of the more disturbing details of the abuse suffered by these animals can be found here have a look if you have the ability to read it without being physically sick! 

Anyway the guy seems like a nasty type so I decided to post details up for your information. If you have any further information about this guy please provide it.

Name: Simon Anthony Fielding
Street Address: Sunderland Street, Burnley (more details needed)
(personal details so you can avoid only)

Farm/Business Details: White Goat Farm, Whalley Banks, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Van Reg number: W343 WHD. Van Colour: Yellow

Phone: 01254 824224
Fax: 023 92258000

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  1. have a look at harwood edge care farm aka lordshouse farm rishton -- he runs this with his wife lyn, lots of animals here including horses


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