Sunday 27 March 2011

Bobby Roberts (Super Circus) Address and Phone Number Revealed

Animal Abuser Watch!

Sicko Scumbags Bobby Roberts Super Circus have just been exposed for abusing Anne the old arthritic elephant. Animal Defenders International (ADI) caught a worker on video beating Anne and hitting and abusing other animals.

The story has been all over the national press today and who knows it could even shame the Tories into actually banning wild animals in circuses (but don’t hold your breath).

The video is here but be warned it’s not nice to watch at all:

Please check the Bobby Roberts website for their schedule and organise protests at their upcoming performances! They are violent so be ready!

Name and Photo of the Groom
Nicolae Nitu, known as 'Jimmy' is the groom in question. This man is the man that allegedly beat Anne.
 (Pic nicked from Mail Online)

Bobby Roberts Address and Phone Number

Note: Bobby Roberts has voluntarily placed this address online and therefore it is in the public domain. I advise you use it for lawful purposes only (such as filing private prosecutions you may have against him, to avoid contact with him if you live near him, etc).

Bobby Roberts,
Entertainers (Business at Home) serving Peterborough area,
Brook Farm,
Hemington Road, Polebrook,
PE8 5LS.

Tel: 01832 273644.

Please carefully verify the above as its authenticity cannot be guaranteed 

UPDATE - 29/03/11

P.O. Box 12
Oundle, Peterborough PE8 5AY

Bobby Roberts Super Circus
3 Brook Farm, Hemington Road, Polebrook, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 5LS
Tel: 01832 273644


Circus Promotions Ltd
Tel: 01832 274932

A&J Bigtops Ltd
Tel: 01832 272065,


IRIS Software run the online tickets sales through their division, Iris Tickets.
Riding Court House
Riding Court Road
Datchet, Berkshire
Tel: +44 (0)1753 212200
Fax: +44 (0)1753 212296,

National Offices:

Executive Team:

Phill Robinson (CEO) -
Neal ROberts (Group CFO) -
Kay Mason (MD - Accounting & Business Solutions) -
Dale Thomas (MD - Major Business Solutions) -
Oliver Shaw (MD - Iris SME Solutions) -
Doug Hargrove (MD - Iris Legal Solutions) -
Phil Dawes (Product Management Director) -



19 Thorndale Croft
East Yorkshire
YO25 9XZ
Phone: 01377 236282
Fax: 01377 236303


  1. the violent worker is from Romania

  2. fuckin bastards ... i hope one day the elephant will go crazy and overrun this fuckin son of a bitch and he ll suffer in his own blood ...

  3. I hope you and your family get cancer you cunt.

  4. I hope this mother fucker with the rake and Bobby Roberts burn in hell. SHAME on all you bastards who are part of this.
    Tony Daryn

  5. the keeper has been replaced ..Mr Roberts is a very kind and clever man ...I know for sure he is so why does the chinless wonder from corrie get off his back ...She cant act her way out of a paper bag ..How dare she critisize a clever man like Mr Roberts

  6. and you allow comments like those with foul words and wishing people had cancer ..this country is now the dregs of the world ...I would like to cage them all or put them in the army..and you approve of these comments ..Your no more than filth

  7. "Bobby Roberts CRUEL Circus" would be a better name!

  8. Animal are God criation. Everything that they soffered in your hands, you can be sure that going to come back to your! You are a monsters and i hope Anne is ok now...

  9. It makes no difference where the abuser comes from.I find it typical the Daily Mail are trying to turn this in to a race issue.Sorry but blaming"johnny foreigner" is just not good enough.Bobby Roberts should be held responsible for this in the eyes of the law he is the Boss he is at fault and should be arrested and charged accordingly.

  10. i can only hope you didnt know this was goin on...and that the cruel bastard has been imprisoned for what he has done

  11. Lorna from weston super mare28 March 2011 at 19:45

    All the animals deserve to live a happy an healthy life, boycot circus with animals, its not needed ! as for the so called worker/abuser he should be shot!

  12. Come and swing weapons at ME, fuckers. I'll fucking cripple you.

    Bobby Roberts, i know your face now.

  13. i hope you die a slow painful deaf an before you die some one beats the fuck out off you with a stick you sick cunts


  15. Poor animals.

  16. I have had to decline some comments because I think they possibly constitute threats. I have declined them for the safety of the posters and of this blog - I‘m certainly not criticizing anyone for holding these views. I have tried to let any boarder line ones through.

    As for the commenter who says Bobby Roberts is ‘kind’ and I shouldn’t be letting people post these comments - just know people are saying a lot worse - they are very angry! Bobby Roberts would go animal free now if he is as ‘clever’ as you claim - good homes await all his animals!

  17. mother fucker! I hope they will BURN IN HELL!!!!

  18. I've just heard that Whipsnade Zoo have offered to take Anne and give her a loving comfortable care-free home for the rest of her life ... IF her owner at Bobby Roberts's Circus agrees to her going there ... Please keep up the publicity and pressure on Bobby Roberts's Circus to stop the cruelty and misery for this poor old girl and let her have a happy life at Whipsnade for the remainder of her life.

  19. If Bobby Roberts really cares about his elephant, Anne, he should release her into the care of Whipsnade Zoo who have offered to take care of her. She truly deserves a happy life in the company of other elephants. Mr Roberts: make it up to her by freeing her from those huge chains around her leg; her solitary existence and (now) frightening surroundings. LET HER GO.

  20. I’d just like to remind everyone this is not just about Anne but Bobby Roberts’ other animals that were also seen being hit in the film. Bobby Roberts must go animal free totally. No compromise and no half measures. I have once again had to moderate potentially threatening comments against Bobby Roberts so I know people are angry - now lets get active!

  21. bobby roberts silly wife thinks that poor ANN will pine for them iff she is taken away,what will she be pining for, the beatings?judging by his mug shot he doesent look like someone who is full of T.L.C.IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE SET THEM FREE!

  22. I wanna see all those mother fuckers tied with a chain and beaten to a pulp!!!

  23. Once again you publish words from morons and yobs..I would like them all lined up and beaten like it has been said Ann has ..Its a set up ..Study the footage carefully you can see it has been edited ..I expect the chinless wonder from Corrie has a lot to do with this ...I know the Roberts Family i Know how kind and considerate and caring they are ...This is a set up ..And stop posting comments by foul mouthed louts

  24. This is how people feel about this abuse. Any caring person would! As I said people are even more angry than this - but I can’t publish those comments for legal reasons. The footage is real not even the animal abuser Bobby Roberts disputes that. Even if Anne had never been hit the environment is far from suitable it is abuse in itself - so Bobby Roberts is an animal abuser! I have no compassion or sympathy for the Roberts at all. The only yobs and louts are the Roberts and idiots like you that support them. So what if people use offensive language - what is far more offensive is what happens to animals in circuses. If you are a true friend to Bobby Roberts you will tell them to go animal free - if they don’t the public will bankrupt them! The war is on!

  25. Monsters, imagine what has no record, this circus should be closed immediately, is a cancer of humanity

  26. If some one should find Nicolae Nitu present location, post it, then justice will be served. He will never have an opportunity to hurt a living creature again.

  27. From Holland with hate to this Circus and her staff: Please come to Holland! We have a nice welcome for you!!
    And then the letter from the owner on his site......asshole!

    I hope a circus with animals will stop this year!!!!!!

  28. solche doofen typen... meinetwegen können sie das zirkus zeugs abschaffen. ich würde sie am liebsten selber so quälen der arme elefant...

  29. Dont´t worry....Bobby Roberts and his groom will be punished soonest. nightmares comming true.

  30. I spent alot of time with this circus in the early 90's and NEVER witnessed any acts of cruelty towards the animals.
    I have watched the video online and listened to the comments both for and against the circus on tv, in the press and on here.
    I think the focus should be on catching the groom who was paid to look after Anne. He was the person who carried out these acts NOT Bobby Roberts.....

  31. u all need to sort your own council house lives out and let people get on with their business. dont blame bobby he has had this elephant for 50 years and never had a problem before. now one rogue groom has ruined it for everyone. the British public will do anything to get on their high horse however nobody seems to bother about the other shit that is hapening in the world. every other eu country has animal circuses and we are the only country that has a problem. i wouldn't put it past rspca to have bribed the groom since they have been trying to get something on bobby for years and found nothing whatsoever. funny now all this turns up at one time.?

  32. I think a point some of our opposition are missing is even without the beating the conditions Anne was kept in was far from adequate. Remember an elephant would walk hundreds of miles in the wild and be around others of the same species. This in and of itself makes Bobby Roberts an animal abuser. As the RSPCA says travelling circuses are no place for animals of any kind. Bobby Roberts can redeem himself by going animal free. This will open up the opportunity for his circus to perform on Council land up and down this land that prohibits animal circuses.

    In terms of prosecution Bobby Roberts had a duty of care to Anne which he did not meet. He is therefore liable.

    As for the deranged paranoid allegations about Britain’s biggest and one of the most moderate animal welfare charities the RSPCA I think that says more about the type of low-life that supports animal circuses than it does about the charity. Who needs enemies when they have friends like you?

  33. PS somehow I doubt that comment in German was the actual guy!

  34. I would like to have a word with this Romanian dick, without camera. Mother fucker.

    And old fart Roberts, fuck you too. Put chain in your own ankle and call me up.

  35. Vile Vile man. What a completely disgusting individual. Should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  36. Tears falling from Australia. I wept when I witnessed this video. The most decent thing Roberts can do is run his curcus animal free (if he is capable and clever enough). Exploitation of animals in circuses has to stop. They are made to do things that are unnatural for them, no-one in their right minds can say the animals enjoy this. 50 years of hell for Anne, thank goodness she is going to Longleat for a more comfortable life, I hope his other animals get help too. This is just one instance of cruelty caught on video, how long has it been going on?

  37. Bobby Roberts and his wife need prosecuting for animal cruelty, ALL animals removed from them. As quoted, they have been hitting the camel and ponies too for years and years.... Their must be business closed and the Roberts spend real time locked up ie... PRISON. The government better BAN animals in Circus's.... I will join the masses in PROTESTING if this is not passed.
    Thanking Longleat on giving Anne a santuary, keepers with real care..see latest photos, and I will actively support their new venture to rescue more abused Elephants. Circus's with people choosing to do tricks ie Circ De Soleil are brilliant. We have no need for any sentient animal beings being made to do tricks for our ingorant pleasure. We now live in a time when Film can share the beauty and wonder of them in the correct environment....Nature!

  38. Moira and bobby roberts are both disgusting liars,they dam well knew what was going on!I hope the fucking stupid bitch dies a slow death,like their business.

  39. my tears will never dry! this people must die!

  40. i fully support bobby roberts circus and he is a wonderful man and so are his family. bobby cant be with anne 24 hours a day 7 days a week and hired someone they thought they could trust.this was a complete set up, who wears a hat and hoody up so they couldnt be seen by the camera and as for wishing people dead thats just sick but thats todays society and animal rights folks your all a bunch of wankers

  41. This is taken directly from the Bobby Roberts website...hilarious! A circus CANNOT provide the correct welfare for any animal given the nature of the business. The fact that someone has commented on here that they worked for the circus and 'never witnessed any act of cruelty' is equally ludicrous. Just because you didn't witness something does not mean it does not happen, the video evidence speaks for itself as does the fact that the animal is kept in completely unsuitable conditions, chained to the floor, alone without any stimulation... this in itself IS an act of cruelty I am sure you DID see.

    Animal Welfare
    Travelling with our circus are our horses, ponies, dogs, and our circus born camel. We are proud of our animal welfare and you our visitors are able to see for yourself after the performance our circus animals in their stable area. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We are inspected regularly by Animal Welfare Officers and Government Inspectors. It is our duty to care for our animals and to ensure that they receive a well balanced diet, exercise and top veterinary care when required.

    Mere words!!!

    This is how she is today...

  42. bobby roberts super circus is getting better and stronger than ever, may the use of all animals in circuses remain.

  43. All animal Circuses are checked by Animal Welare, Specialist Vets, council and Government bodies many times each year at regular and unannounced inspections.
    Until employing this evil idiot to muck out at the winter quarters Bobby Roberts had an unbleamished record and has recieved awards for his animal care.
    Please stop persecuting a family that has already been violated by this "groom".

  44. I would just like to thank people for creating such an uproar about rehoming Anne.
    The Roberts family have spent years trying to find her a place in this country and being repeatedly refused at Wipsnade and Longleat among others.
    The Elephant Sanctuary in USA was the only place that said they would have her, but specialist vets and the RSPCA specialists opposed this as it was said that at her age Anne might not survive the journey.
    So Thankyou all, at least you made Longleat reconsider and finally accept her.
    As Longleat was set up originally with the Chipperfields Circus as a retirement home for Circus Animals, it does seem very fitting that Anne would go there.

  45. I too worked with circuses with animals and NEVER came across any cruelty whatsoever towards any of the animals in my opinion the animals were always put first well cared for and loved!! Most acts of cruelty I came across was from Animal Rights Protesters where they even sabotaged our lorries the night before the move causing wagon loads of animals to break down!!! IS THIS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF ANIMALS? NO IT ISN'T...and there is the intimidation towards innocent members of the public too scaring children half to death whilst waiting to see the circus!! MANY other things including SET UPS>>> too many to list..these so called animal rights DO NOT have animal welfare at heart they just crave attention for themselves..

  46. I have published the latest crap from the circus liars above. First if it is true that Bobby Roberts is getting stronger (which I doubt) the only answer is to step up the fight! We will see that circus close or hand over their animals whatever it takes!

    Secondly the total bull about circuses being regulated. Circuses don't fall within even basic Zoo legislation – there is very little regulation to allow prosecution. Just because treatment is legal does not make it right – look at battery egg farms for example. Even without the beating of Anne, she was still being abused. Keeping an animal that would roam hundreds of miles in the wild chained up in a small barn that is abuse!

    Lastly as Bobby Roberts well knew CAPS, ADI and others were very willing to find somewhere for Anne if they wanted them to. The fact that the circus supporter would dare bring up Chipperfields Circus were the beating of a baby chimpanzee was filmed and other abuse shows their utter contempt for animals. This is clearly prevalent across the industry and one reason why no decent person should have an ounce of sympathy for them – save it for their victims!

    Please use these comments to get angry and get ready to closed down all animal circuses. No compromise!

  47. This evil man that beat the poor elephant should be prosecuted be the animal welfare people and be sent to jail for rest of his life.

  48. Okay how about leave all wild animals where they belong IN THE FUCKING WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are not toys they have a soul like us.
    it makes me sick ><

  49. Wicked, uneducated, low life's, are just a few polite words that I could say about the Roberts. I cannot believe that the Judge has not sentenced these people. The Government clearly does not care about Animal Welfare to allow this to happen in this day and age.
    I agree with all the comments on here about this vile family and their business. My wife and I have cried seeing that footage of Anne being beaten, thank god that there are some people that care.

  50. if i was in that same room or space i personally have beaten that son of a bitch first i would break his kneecaps and
    finally i would bash his brains in!


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